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I spent the majority of my 39 years at Knoll in senior sales management where I became the  sales leader and mentor I am today. I had the good fortune to work shoulder to shoulder with elite Knoll sales teams and distribution partners. Together we partnered with  companies on global workplace strategy and office furniture projects that supported business goals and cultural drivers. 


 I am convinced that sales teams are experiencing unprecedented challenges as clients change their decision making and purchasing processes. Plus, monumental disruption is accelerating organizational change across the business landscape. Now more than ever sales teams must focus on disciplined metrics that track bespoke sales activities. Sales leaders must learn how to turn stress into an asset. Pressure is a privilege that can be nurtured with Red2Blue training. In order to win in today’s highly competitive, changing environment sales teams must be driven by strong sales management and supported by strong sales leadership.


Clients want a partnership that elevates thinking and exceeds corporate and cultural goals. They do not want to be sold. Therefore, there is growing importance for “non-selling talent” as part of the sales team.


There is no question I can help you grow your business by developing a sales team for the future, I know what to do.

Meet Mike Benigno

Founder of 168

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The original seed for 168 is the desire to share my experience with others – and as the time and trends would have it – most of us, in turn, are searching for the kind of experience that elevates our thinking and spurs us to be better people.


If you are fortunate enough to have spent time chatting with Mike Benigno, you know that you left that conversation re-centered and invigorated to do your best business and be your best self.  Mike has a gift for reminding us and our teams what is truly important in business, and that is recognizing and promoting positive culture through appreciation of the “why” behind what we do!

Mike's Top 5 Keys to Success in Business

Suffer the details

Consistency creates confidence

Nurture your personal & business brand

Effective sales deployment

No one wins alone